How to Pray?

Are you one of those many people who experience prayer to be dry and distracted most of the time? Are you also one of those who are sceptical about making progress in your prayer life? Be assured that these are "normal and common" experiences in prayer. Give yourself a chance to pray better... be patient with yourself...

Prayer is two fold :

first, allow God's presence in your life to surface. Second, relate to God in a personal way.

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First, read the Gospel text two times... be familiar with its content for your prayer. Second, compose yourself; try to calm down and clear all distractions from your mind by focusing on your breathing.


Express your deepest desires and needs to God as you do to someone who is closest to you.

Meditate or Contemplate on the Gospel text chosen: Meditation: Read the Gospel passage slowly and pause and ponder on phrases that touch and speak to you.


Contemplate: Use your imagination and all your senses to allow the Gospel scene to come "alive"; participate in the scene when it is possible.


Thank God with a spontaneous prayer Or with an "Our Father," or "Glory be ...2 *

Click here: for the actual experience of the prayer. (with step-by-step guidance.)